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We reserve the right to make changes to any product(s) or service(s) offered on this Website, or to the applicable prices of any such product(s) or service(s), at any time, without prior notice.

The images of the products appearing on this Website are for reference purposes only, and designs may vary from those shown in the images.

The repair price generated by 'FREE QUOTE' feature on this Website reflects an estimate only, based on the information you provided. It may be possible that the price to repair the unit is higher or lower than the estimated price. If we find that the information you provided was inaccurate, or if there is more repair work needed on your unit, we shall contact you accordingly via email or phone. Such quoted price include a "Minimum Charge" that covers costs for engineer's time and parts (if any) used to attempt a repair.

Please back up all your digital data (messages,contacts, photos,videos etc) before bring in the device for repair. We are not responsible for data lose(digital contents) during and after the repair.

We shall make all reasonable efforts to repair your unit subject to the availability of any parts required and/or the terms of any relevant guarantee or warranty.

We shall try our best to deliver you the repaired unit in the shortest possible time. However, any time estimate for completion of repairs that we give is an estimate only, and does not form any obligation under the terms of this Agreement.

If we are unable to complete the repairs for any reason, or the repairs will incur further costs payable by you, we shall immediately notify you regarding further course of action.

Our initial diagnosis for further testing as they may be related to the fault.

There is no warranty or guarantee during and after repair for our Glass Repair service (Display Refurbishment) due to the nature of this repair. we do not and will not accept any liability if the damage occur to Display Screen unit during refurbishment due to the nature of this repair.

12 Months guarantee on iPhone LCD can be purchased at an additional cost starting from £10.00/-. Physical Damage, Lines in Display panel, Blank and or scratches on LCD due to wear and tear are not covered by any guarantee.

If the nature of repairs is not covered by the terms of warranty or guarantee of the unit, we shall immediately notify you. Further, if you still want to go ahead, all such repairs shall be covered under chargeable repairs.

All warranty repairs are guaranteed for 7 days from the date the unit is dispatched after repairs. If the same fault recurs within the above stipulated time, we shall repair it free of charge. Physical damage to LCD are not covered by guarantee. If the unit develops an additional fault unrelated to the original repairs, the repair warranty contained in this sub-clause will not apply.

We shall return your unit in all the following cases:

  • - if we are unable to repair the unit; or
  • - no fault is found on the unit; or
  • - you do not accept our estimate

However, in all such cases, We reserve the right to ask for "Minimum Charge", as published from time to time.

We reserve the right to withhold your unit until you clear all payable charges.

If you wish to drop in to collect the repaired unit, you must produce collection receipt before you are delivered the repaired unit. In case the collection receipt is lost, the delivery can still be made provided you furnish your original driving license with your latest photo or a valid passport, along with an admin fee of £4.99. We will take out a photocopy of these documents and return you the originals.