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Not sure what repair service you need? Try our diagnostic service starts from £9.99 and we'll tell you. We strongly recommend this option if you are unsure of the exact problem. Once we receive your phone we will run a range of tests to pin-point the problem. Since every part of your Mobile Phone is interchangable there is no doubt whatever the problem is we can fix your Mobile Phone.

We will then contact you with a detailed quote discussing the necessary repair procedure and the cost of that repair.

The quote will detail the issues that have been found and parts that need to be replaced or repaired. The decision to proceed with the repair is completely up to you. If you decide against it, we will return it to you with nothing further to pay.

Please give us as much information on what has gone wrong with your Mobile Phone and if there are any signs of life when you place your order with us. This information will help us diagnose and repair your device more efficiently